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Resumed Covey planning today

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With Covey’s approach, Sunday is the day you review mission statement and roles, decide on the priorities for the coming week based on your roles and goals—one or two activities per week in pursuit of a goal creates surprisingly good progress—and schedules appointments for each activity: the specific day and time that you will do a task in furtherance of one of your priorities. It’s important to schedule those first so that you lock in the time commitment, and it’s best to favor the beginning of the week so you can reschedule if necessary.

This was my first time using The Simple Elephant Planner, so naturally enough it felt awkward, but I imagine by the end of this month I will have developed a routine. And I noticed that, even on this first outing, scheduling the activities reminded me of a couple of additional activities to schedule.

The Simple Elephant has 12 blank months, 52 blank weeks, and about 60 blank pages for notes (a journal, mission statement, lessons learned, whatever). You write in the year, month, and date, so you can start it at any point in the year. I picked 1 April, when I worked a bit on the mission statement and entered the dates for April and the coming week. Today, being Sunday, I plan the coming week. TSE has three bookmark ribbons: one for the current month, one for the current week, and one for the current spot in the notes.

I think this will help a lot in getting things done. (And Getting Things Done, David Allen’s approach, is another method that I’ve heard is good, but I’ve had good experience using Covey’s method, so that’s what I’m going with for now.)


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (inexpensive secondhand copies)

Outline PDF) to assist with reading the book, which is occasionally unclear. You can read the outline before reading the book or as you read the book, but do read the book: the outline is incomplete.

Bloom Weekly Planner pad is a non-book approach: you tear off the blank week page and fill it out for the coming week. Obviously, you can start any week. is an on-line Covey planner but I found it the opposite of intuitive and, for me, clumsier than a planner like The Simple Elephant or the Bloom Weekly Planner.

I’m reminded of a story about Mark Van Doren when he was teaching philosophy at Columbia University. He taught one course devoted to Plato’s Republic, a long and intricate book—so much so that quite a few students shared an outline summary of the Republic.

Came the final. Professor Van Doren handed out a copy of that very outline to each student and then wrote on the blackboard the final, which was one item: “Describe the ways in which this outline is incomplete and misleading.”

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2 April 2017 at 7:40 pm

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