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H.L. Thäter brush, Colonia/Asylum shaving soap, iKon 101, and Barrister & Mann Fougère Classique

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I think this is the Thäter brush that was killing lather and felt a bit oily, which I then shampooed. Today, it worked like a charm, working up a fine lather and keeping it for the entire shave. And Colonia Asylum Brush Works Saponifico Varesino Beta 4.1, apparently commemorating VE day or the like, made a very nice lather indeed, as it should for a name that long.

The last time I used the iKon 101 I noted that it seemed to require a little blade-buffing to finish the shave, so I changed the blade. Today the performance was stellar: very smooth shave, very smooth result, no blade-buffing required. The advantage of having a one-razor rotation (if you can call it a “rotation,” though if you can call the empty set a “set” even though it contains nothing, I see no reason why one razor cannot constitute a “rotation”) is that you learn how long your blade lasts and you can change it after what experience tells you is the last satisfactory shave you’ll get from that particular blade. Thus if the 101 were my only razor (and I could live with that: it’s a very fine razor), I would have changed the blade prior to the previous shave instead of after it.

Bottom line: if your shave is noticeably better after you change blades, you used the old blade too long.

A good splash of Barrister & Mann’s Fougère Classique and I’m off to a good (albeit somewhat late) start.

Written by LeisureGuy

5 April 2017 at 10:23 am

Posted in Shaving

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