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“The Evolution of Everything,” a must-read book

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I’ve been nattering on about meme evolution, but in The Evolution of Everything, Matt Ridley lays it out in detail, tracing the evolution of memes and other things. Evolution, in a word, is how the universe works. His chapter titles tell the story. Let TEO stand for “The Evolution of”. The chapters in order

TEO the Universe
TEO Morality
TEO Life
TEO Genes
TEO Culture [i.e., memes—and the rest are specific subcategories – LG]
TEO the Economy
TEO Technology
TEO the Mind
TEO Personality
TEO Education
TEO Population
TEO Leadership
TEO Government
TEO Religion
TEO Money
TEO the Internet
Epilogue: TEO the Future

The Prologue is well worth reading, and you can use Amazon’s “Look Inside Feature” to read it. Lucretius rightly is recognized as the origin of our thought in modern times, Lucretius having learned from Epicurus.


Written by LeisureGuy

9 April 2017 at 8:10 pm

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