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The junior member speaks last?? The junior member should speak first.

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From an interesting article on how SCOTUS seniority works and the duties of the most junior Justice, I found this surprising nugget:

The junior justice’s other responsibilities involve the private conference, when the justices meet alone — no clerks, no assistants — to decide which cases they will take and vote on the cases in which they’ve heard oral arguments.

It’s another event at which seniority rules. The chief justice speaks first, and then each justice speaks in order of longevity on the court. The junior justice speaks last and takes notes of the proceeding.

That strikes me as simply wrong. The rule I’ve learned and have followed in cases in which all must speak is that the most junior member speaks first, then the next most junior member, and so on, the most senior member speaking last.

The reason is obvious, assuming you want to get the best contributions from each: if the junior members go last, they are very likely simply to echo the statements of the senior (and presumably more powerful) members rather than offering their own ideas, especially if their ideas fall outside the norm defined by those who have already spoken.

Let junior people go first, since they will have the freshest ideas.

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10 April 2017 at 10:58 am

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