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The Wee Scot and Dr. Selby do the prep, Maggard’s V2 open comb does the shave, and I put on my Stetson to finish the job

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Dr. Selby 3x Concentrated Shaving Cream not only works extremely well, the bowl is nicely designed, the lid serving as a pedestal. Unfortunately, it seems to be no longer available, which is a shame: it easily produces a copious amount of excellent, slick lather, and the traditional lavender fragrance is quite nice. With the Wee Scot, I had plenty of lather in the brush for my three-pass shave, with enough left at the end for three more passes had I wanted.

But no need for more passes. Maggard’s V2 open-comb is highly efficient (and very comfortable to boot) and it easily left a BBS result at the end of three passes.

A good splash of Stetson Classic, and the job is well done.

I really am bummed that Dr. Selby’s 3x is no more. It was a great source of lather.

Jack Prenter did a little infographic on the history of shaving:

Written by LeisureGuy

14 April 2017 at 9:12 am

Posted in Shaving

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