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The Noakes trial exposes the power and dishonesty of business-funded research

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I blogged yesterday links to posts about the Noakes trial in South Africa: he tweeted a recommendation for weaning a baby onto a low-carb high-fat diet (e.g., not focused on cereals) and as a result became the target of a vindictive campaign to smear his name and wreck him professionally, a campaign that failed utterly.

It’s an amazing clown show. The organization charging Noakes stalled until they could do a meta-analysis to disprove his findings, but the meta-analysis was so badly flawed it was clearly intended merely as an attack: it included studies that did not meet the criteria established by the meta-analysis authors, it included several studies that showed that supported the advice Noakes gave.

In addition the organization issued a press release in October of last year saying that Noakes had been found guilty. But the trial was not over and in fact the final decision was just announced. Although the press release was quickly retracted (after it had gone viral on social media in South Africa), its release does show bad faith (and incompetence) by the organization that brought the charges.

It’s quite a drama if you read it all. Nina Teicholz (a favorite of mine for her excellent book The Big Fat Surprise).

The best articles seem to be in, and they have a category for the Noakes trial. The articles are listed in descending chronological order, so start with the last article listed and read your way up. It really is fascinating.

Written by Leisureguy

27 April 2017 at 4:00 pm

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