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Jennifer Rubin: Republicans are kidding themselves about Trump’s foreign policy

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In the Washington Post:

Human nature, I suppose, compels us to adapt to and try to make sense out of chaotic, even dangerous situations. We want things to be less than horrible, so the inclination to ignore persistent signs of danger and convince ourselves all is well can overwhelm common sense and honest perception. This tendency, coupled with reluctance to admit error, has prompted some Republicans of late to declare President Trump is navigating toward the “mainstream” on foreign policy. Using the favorite word in an abnormal time, they insist he is “normalizing.” We beg to differ.

Their rationalizing strikes us as not unlike the reaction in the West when each new Soviet leader emerged on the world stage. Oh, but he has Western suits! Oh, he went to an Ivy League school in his youth! The straw-grabbing often involves excessive praise for not doing insane things. (Well, he hasn’t said he would invade any countries!) We are adept at self-delusion.

“Even the hardest line NeverTrumpers such as myself would, for the country’s sake, like to say this is normal. But it’s not. It’s better than it was because of some of the key appointments at the top, particularly the replacement of Michael Flynn by H.R. McMaster,” said former State Department official Eliot Cohen. “But it won’t be normal  even when the new team gets past their backlog of appointments in a year’s time, because of the man at the top. He thinks of foreign policy almost exclusively in personal and transactional terms rather than enduring interests, relationships and values.” Cohen added, “He has advisers who do not agree with one another. And above all, he remains what some of us described last March as ‘unmoored in principle’ — not to mention untrustworthy ignorant, impulsive and narcissistic.” Cohen therefore argued that “in foreign as in domestic policy presidential character counts, and his character remains reprehensible.” . . .

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Inconveniently interrupting the “He’s getting better!” meme, Trump’s interview with Reuters on Thursday is nothing short of terrifying. His cluelessness about the world persists. “This is more work than in my previous life,” he says. “I thought it would be easier.” That smacks of “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated,” which amounts to admission of complete ignorance of the world’s complexity and insistence that everyone is as blind as he was.

It’s even worse than Rubin says: Trump’s remark shows that he thinks he is informing us, that he is far ahead of us in grasping this, since (in his mind) he always is the winner, the best, the greatest. He’s explaining his discovery to us to astonish us with his (new) knowledge. He thinks he’s showing us how smart he is. His view is distorted by narcissistic delusion, so he simply cannot see himself as most others do—and he makes sure to surround himself with those who are willing to participate in the delusion.

As Rubin says, we are truly heading for disaster.  I would not rule out a nuclear strike on North Korea, civilian casualties be damned! Nor would she, apparently.

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States. And the GOP Congress is so devoid of principle and so cowardly that they are not merely enabling him, they’re supporting and protecting him.

This could get very grim very quickly.

Do read the entire column. We may have cause to look back it as a clarion-clear warning, one that was, alas, ignored.

Written by Leisureguy

28 April 2017 at 3:19 pm

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