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Totally amazing come from behind to win: Ronnie O’Sullivan and a comment on competition

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The sound is useful in this video.

I just saw on Facebook a brief video by Elisabet Sahtouris about a basketball game she watched many years ago in China, just after the Cultural Revolution. She went with a Chinese friend, and Chinese basketball is coached and played exactly as in the U.S.: same rules, same goal.

Her friend cheered the first basket, so she knew which was his team. But then he cheered when the opposing team made a basket. And so it went through the game: he cheered for each basket, regardless of the team. So she had to ask him which was his team.

He didn’t understand, so she explained that he cheered for both sides, so she didn’t know which was his. He said that he wasn’t cheering for the sides but for the excellence, and he cheered that regardless of which team achieved it. The reason, he explained, that they put two teams in competition was so they could drive each other to excellence, and “we cheer the excellence.”

She pointed out that this could be done in any school: the coach and the players do as they always do, but the audience is told to cheer for excellence. She suggested that what we call the “winning” team take the “losing” team to dinner to thank them for driving them to excellence.

It’s a cooperative competition, with the emphasis on the unity of the effort and the competition merely as a tool to stimulate excellence in all. Keep the competition in the context of oneness and community.

It occurs to me that this is how announcers view the game: they point out the excellent plays (and the mishaps) on both sides.

I’m going to look for more of her talks. There are quite a few on YouTube.

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7 May 2017 at 5:24 pm

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