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The three dumbest defenses of Comey’s firing

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Jennifer Rubin provides three, but I’ll mention only the third, which concludes her column:

It would be too stupid to fire Comey to stop the Russia investigation.” The theory goes that Trump would know it would cause a ruckus so he’d never do it for that reason. This makes little sense for three reasons. First, we know Trump is illogical and impervious to counsel that he does not like. We already know he acts impetuously and unwisely. Second, if he was too stupid to fire Comey over Russia, it was even more stupid to fire him for the reason Rosenstein provided, since it would also have — and has — created a firestorm. And finally, if Trump fired him for the reasons stated in Rosenstein’s memo, then there would have been no need to rush; a replacement would have been lined up and staff would have been ready to defend this action. The president blindsided his own staff because, it seems, he rushed action out of anger and frustration.

Republicans wound up with Trump as their president by marinating themselves in a stew of half-truths, conspiracy theories, and self-delusion. They are doing so again as they desperately grab for excuses and explanations to account for egregiously inappropriate behavior. When the Senate majority leader and the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal sound indistinguishable from Sean Hannity in their specious rationalizations, you know the right is intellectually and morally exhausted.

Written by LeisureGuy

11 May 2017 at 12:28 pm

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