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Trump’s White House defies media’s superlatives

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Eric Wemple has a good column in the Washington Post:

Sample the outrage:

  • “Every administration tries to manipulate the press, but this is the most hostile to the media that [an administration] has been in United States history,” said veteran reporter Bob Franken.
  • The administration is “more restrictive” and also “more dangerous” to media outlets than any other in U.S. history, said USA Today’s Susan Page.
  • “This administration exercises more control than George W. Bush’s did, and his before that,” said veteran TV journo Bob Schieffer.
  • “This is the most closed, control freak administration I’ve ever covered,” said New York Times reporter David E. Sanger.
  • “It’s turning out to be the administration of unprecedented secrecy and unprecedented attacks on a free press,” said Margaret Sullivan.
  • “In the past, we would often be called into the Roosevelt Room at the beginning of meetings to hear the president’s opening remarks and see who’s in the meeting, and then we could talk to some of them outside on the driveway afterward. This president has wiped all that coverage off the map. He’s the least transparent of the seven presidents I’ve covered in terms of how he does his daily business,” said former ABC News correspondent Ann Compton.
  • “This is the most secretive White House that, at least as a journalist, I have ever dealt with,” said Jill Abramson.

Such affinity for superlatives! Seasoned media-watchers can determine quite easily that those comments don’t pertain to the Trump White House, which lacks the discipline to execute secrecy. They all pan the media policies of the Obama White House.

They provide some perspective, too, on the study of relative media-obstruction. Franken’s objections came after photographers complained that Obama staffers had excluded them from certain events, giving preferential treatment to official White House photographer Pete Souza. Others, including Page, Sullivan and Abramson, relate to the Obama administration’s insistence on pursuing leak investigations. “Over the past eight years,” wrote New York Times investigative reporter James Risen late last year, “the [Obama] administration has prosecuted nine cases involving whistleblowers and leakers, compared with only three by all previous administrations combined. It has repeatedly used the Espionage Act, a relic of World War I-era red-baiting, not to prosecute spies but to go after government officials who talked to journalists.” . . .

Continue reading. And read the whole thing. What Trump is doing is worse, and he explains why.

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19 May 2017 at 5:42 pm

Has the Campaign Against Drunk Driving Been Successful?

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The short answer is, “No, it has not.” Kevin Drum explains.

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19 May 2017 at 11:24 am

A sandalwoood shave, with AOS, TOBS, Dorco, and Kent

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Will of Barrister & Mann mentioned in an email that the Art of Shaving Sandalwood was an excellent soap, made by Valobra. The soap is discontinued, but it NOS pucks are easy to find on eBay and not terribly expensive, so I had to try it.

The tub shown is the $1.75 model from Maggard Razors, and the puck was pretty easy to mash into the tub even though the puck is a slightly larger diameter. Here’s a view of how the puck looks in its new home, and you can see where the edges took a bit of a hit:

The Kent Infinity synthetic easily created a very nice lather indeed, and the fragrance is really wonderful. I’m very pleased I got this.

I used my Dorco PL602, and I have to say that this is one of my favorite razors. So long as the blade is sharp, it provides an extremely comfortable and extremely efficient shave, easily producing a BBS result with no problems at all. Given the low price, I think every shaver should have one of these.

A splash of TOBS Sandalwood aftershave (and near the end of the bottle) and the day is well launched.

Thanks, Will, for the recommendation. It is indeed a fine soap.

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19 May 2017 at 8:40 am

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