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Kansas City Builds Tiny Village For Homeless Veterans With 50 Tiny Houses So They Could Live There For Free

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This post has quite a few photos.

Rick Montgomery also has a good report from March 30 (two months ago) in the Kansas City Star, including some video. That article begins:

With their hot idea — tiny houses for homeless veterans — hitting a cold stretch, the ex-service members leading a Kansas City community project are storming the next hill.

Thursday marks the grand opening of a “Veterans Outreach Center” adjacent to a swath of undeveloped land at Troost Avenue and 89th Street. That property is where a battalion of determined men and women have mapped out a tiny-house neighborhood that last year drew global media interest.

This latest bit of news caught some in Kansas City by surprise. Veterans Outreach Center? When did that come along?

Oh, just within the last couple of months.

Organizers of the upstart Veterans Community Project admit to moving forward with ideas that haven’t been thoroughly vetted. But compared with the densely regulated cluster of conventional agencies striving to put needy veterans into homes, these tiny-house visionaries prefer to operate this way.

Continue reading.

I think it’s particularly good that the tiny homes are placed close to each other, in a community arrangement, and are located near support services.

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1 June 2017 at 1:30 pm

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