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Workflowy mayo

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I’ve been using Workflowy a lot, and it’s turning out to be surprisingly useful.

It’s an outliner that you run in your browser, and it’s free. Its operation is in general intuitive, but it has some special tricks, so click “Help” and watch all the little 1-minute videos. You can space them out: they’re in order of relative importance and usefulness.

You have just one giant outline, but if you click the bullet for any item, then you get the outline of that item as the main heading, and all the children beneath, with a diagram at the top that allows you to back out by clicking on the level you want.

I in fact just used it after a phone call with TYD in which we exchanged cooking discoveries and ideas, and one thing I contributed was my experience in making mayo with an immersion blender in the little plastic beaker you get with it. The recipe makes one cup, and it is so easy and quick that I no longer buy mayo at all, just make up a cup and use it. When it’s gone, make another cup.

So that’s the node I’m going to share to (a) let you know how I make mayo and (b) let you get a feel for what Workflowy is like.

Again, I have just one giant outline, any level of which can be clicked to make it the top of an outline with its children beneath. Making mayo is just one node way down in my one giant outline, and I’m sharing it with you. Because sharing is fun, as our moms used to say.

Written by LeisureGuy

14 June 2017 at 5:22 pm

Posted in Recipes, Software

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