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How good is law enforcement in the US? Check out these examples

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Radley Balko’s links are always good. Here are some from today in the Washington Post:

  • Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke calls routine reporting on politicians and public officials “electronic terrorism.” [We are so lucky that he plagiarized his academic work and so withdrew from consideration for a Homeland Security post. – LG]
  • After 25 years, Texas couple has finally been exonerated for a “satanic ritual” sex crime that never happened.
  • Chelsea Manning’s prosecutors cited a confidential report, claiming it stated that her leaks did real harm to U.S. national security. Defense attorneys were not permitted to review the report. It turns out that the report said no such thing. [Why are the prosecutors not prosecuted for lying in court? At the least they should be held in contempt of court, since their lies really do show contempt. – LG]
  • Go read my colleague Alyssa Rosenberg on the sad Otto Warmbier story.
  • Local officials ask Miami-Dade prosecutor to resign for refusing to charge prison guards who boiled a man alive. [The US criminal justice system protects its members pretty much regardless of what we do, as we see in this case and also in the Philandro Castile shooting, along with Tamir Rice, John Crawford, and so many others. – LG]
  • U.S. Supreme Court strikes down North Carolina law forbidding sex offenders from posting on social media. Unfortunately, the majority, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, still failed to acknowledge or correct the error Kennedy made about recidivism in a prior sex offender case that has been cited by courts to justify similar laws all over the country.
  • A Seattle mother of three called police to report a burglary. The police then shot and killed her in her own home.
  • Power doesn’t just corrupt, it may also cause a form of brain damage.
  • Kevin Cooper, another death row inmate who may be innocent.
  • A cop lied on an affidavit, which led to a man to be wrongly arrested, incarcerated and labeled a sexual predator on television. The man has since been compensated, but the cop is still working as a police officer. 

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22 June 2017 at 5:31 pm

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