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President Trump and White House staffers are illegally deleting messages, lawsuit says

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Jason Silverstein reports in NY Daily News:

President Trump and his White House staffers are breaking federal law by using confidential messaging apps that keep their conversations from entering public records, a federal lawsuit charged Thursday.

Two Washington watchdog groups accused Trump and his workers of illegally deleting emails, official records and even tweets sent to millions of people.

“President Trump and others within the White House are either ignoring or outright flouting these responsibilities,” the civil complaint from the National Security Archive and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) says.

The deletions could be a violation of the Presidential Records Act, which says White House internal communications must be preserved.

The complaint documents many indications that Trump’s White House is openly defying records requirements.

It notes that Trump has deleted several of his tweets since becoming President, even though presidential tweets as expected to be kept as official records.

It also cites multiple media reports that said White House staffers have been communicating through Signal, an encrypted app, and Confide, an app that deletes messages after they are read.

Trump’s White House has no policies about how its staff should be using these apps and what the standards are for confidential conversations, the complaint says.

The suit also suggests White House employees might secretly be conducting business that would normally be handled by federal agencies that are subject to speedy records requests. Presidential records laws stipulate that internal White House messages can be made available to the public five years after a President leaves office. . .

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22 June 2017 at 6:30 pm

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