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Law enforcement evening links

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Some of the links Radley Balko posted in the Washington Post:

  • Pennsylvania governor signs bill that would give police departments wide discretion over when to release body-camera and dash-camera video to the public. This is the opposite of transparency.
  • In other bad body-camera news, Florida law now requires all police agencies to let police officers view camera footage before writing their reports.
  • Three Chicago cops have been charged with conspiracy to cover up the shooting of Laquan McDonald. [I wondered whether that would happen. I didn’t expect it to. – LG]
  • Study finds that imprisoning drug dealers doesn’t change the rate at which people use illegal drugs.
  • Massachusetts judge issues blistering opinion accusing prosecutors of perpetrating “a fraud upon the court” in case involving a disgraced crime lab analyst.
  • A useful corrective on the opioid crisis — most addicts and overdoses did not start out as pain patients.
  • Town sits on surveillance video of teen who died in police custody for months. DA now says cops were criminally culpable, but the statute of limitations in which to charge them has expired. [Amazingly overt protection of police misconduct. – LG]
  • Illinois legislature passes forfeiture reform bill after Reason magazine investigation showed low-dollar seizures in mostly black, poor neighborhoods.

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27 June 2017 at 4:22 pm

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