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Rod Neep, Propaganda, iKon two-tone combo, Anthony Gold Red Cedar, and a spring shallot

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I did not detect any immediate difference in slickness between Dr. Jon’s Vol 2 shaving soap of yesterday and this Vol 1 Propaganda. You may notice that the tins have been upgraded to threaded tops, an improvement. Propaganda has a wonderful fragrance (though, of course, YNMV): vanilla, sandalwood, mandarin, patchouli and musk.

Having a good lather definitely starts the shave on the right foot. The X3 cap on the DLC baseplate worked fine and indeed the DLC seems more comfortable and less nick-prone that it does with its own cap. I’m in no hurry to switch back. (The handle is a Wolfman Razors handle.)

A splash of Anthony Gold’s wonderful Red Cedar aftershave, and the day begins.

Yesterday I blogged a recipe of which one ingredient was spring shallots. I only recently learned about these, and they are great as the allium in whatever you’re cooking. I have noted that scallions seem to have much more in the way of nutrients than regular onions, and I assume it’s because of the phytochemicals you get by eating the leaves of the scallions. Spring onions and spring shallots and green garlic have a similar abundance of green leaves (in green garlic the leaves are tightly curled in a stalk-like structure, but still edible), so I am assuming that these are also a nutrient powerhouse—and in any case they are tasty and interesting. Here’s a spring shallot:


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28 June 2017 at 9:52 am

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