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Study finds that more police militarization correlates with more police violence

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Radley Balko has some interesting links in the Washington Post:

  • Study: More police militarization tends to result in more officers shooting both people and pets.
  • Report: Federal inmates were buying and selling information about other inmates in order to snitch to authorities and get time off their own sentences.
  • Sheriff’s department releases app that lets you report people you suspect of being terrorists.
  • The Detroit Police Department is currently facing at least three lawsuits for cops killing dogs during marijuana raids.
  • Spokane County (Wash.) police raided the wrong house, then told the resident that he was lucky they didn’t shoot him. The good news: They just lost in court.
  • Florida man spends 90 days in jail for “white powder” that turns out to be drywall. Both a drug field test and a drug dog allegedly indicated the substance was cocaine. Which tells you all you need to know about drug field tests and drug dogs.
  • Next week, Virginia is scheduled to execute a man who is delusional, is severely mentally ill and began deteriorating well before the crimes he committed.
  • A civil lawsuit is underway for a case in which a Washington state SWAT team killed a dog and an unarmed man in front of his child during a standoff. The SWAT commander was later promoted to police chief.
  • Mississippi county settles after revelations that law enforcement officials were arresting, jailing residents for months, even more than a year, without either an indictment or offering them legal representation.
  • A Jacksonville, Fla., sheriff’s officer tickets a black man for walking without identification. But that isn’t crime.

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30 June 2017 at 5:41 pm

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