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One reason Trump sends tweets in the early hours of morning

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Bradley Eversley offers an answer on Quora on 4 May 2017:

The number 1 reason why Donald Trump tweets extremely controversial things, especially mostly early in the morning is to get the media to jump on it right away. Doing so pushes bad press out of the front page and into limbo, quickly to be diluted by the massive amounts of coverage on his often unfounded claims. And he does so super early in the morning so the news can spread from the East Coast to the West as people start to wake up. This is not some master plan here, it’s basic media manipulation. Being in high value business for decades, and having been the topic of countless New York Times articles since before I was ever even born, Trump knows how to work the media, and they will fall for it every time, no exceptions. When a journalist comes in the office in the morning ready to write his piece on Trump’s possible Russia ties, an article that is likely to bring in tens of thousands of reads, his supervisor tells him to hold off on that story and cover Trump’s dumb tweet, we have to jump on that NOW, people need to know this claim has no evidence and that he can’t be trusted.

Think about it logically here, you are given two options, have a progressively increasing number of Americans following your possible conflicts of interest, that could lead to a huge investigation if enough people are backing it, or be called a liar? Trump is simply choosing the lesser of two evils. Everything is so wishy washy, he knows he won’t ever be objectively be labeled as a liar because he will always have his supporters to defend him.

So what’s a good rule of thumb? Anytime Trump tweets a huge, obviously false claim, take a look at what the news has been saying about him and his circle for the past few days before that. This happens every single time and it suprises me how people gobble it up. 3 million voters, Chinese hoaxes, and now Obama wiretapping, etc. The media can defeat this if they either ignore his false claims, or explicitly call out his claims as distractions to his recent coverage. I mean if ABC, CNN, NYT, Washington Post, etc all had headlines that stated, “Trump attempts to distract media from Russian investigation by making false claims about….” Only if it’s proven to be false. Otherwise let’s just leave it as a little side story we cover for 20 seconds then on to other news. Trumps controversial tweets should only be heavily covered if irrefutable evidence is provided alongside them. The good news is, Trump is quickly realizing that, as President, his words have 20x more power and are taken very, very seriously by those in Government. One tweet can send thousands of federal workers into overtime-filled, sleepless nights calling sources, sending countless emails, checking databases and files, endless meetings, you get the idea. I reckon he did not anticipate a simple lie would have the right people fact checking him. It’s kind of like when you told your mom you did your homework even though you know you didn’t, so she takes your lie at face value, calling your friends over so you can help them with the same homework, then calling your teacher to advise them that you’re helping half the students in her class with that homework. Then she puts together a study group so all of you can go through each problem step by step, using your finished homework as an example. Then she takes you to get a McDonald’s ice cream cone for completing your homework with integrity…All the while, you haven’t so much as stroked a scratch of lead on that paper. You keep asking yourself, when will it finally die down, that way you don’t have to continually build lie upon lie to support the original, but you know one thing is for certain, you will NEVER admit to your mom you lied, not even when she finally sees that blank paper.

I think the biggest mistake people make is thinking that Donald Trump is stupid. So naturally, they attribute any and all of his actions and words to just being an idiot and relegate it down to lack of critical thought. You can be intelligent, yet still be dumb. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He has roughly average intelligence, but he has extreme beliefs which cloud his moral standing and analytical skills deeply.

I encourage everyone reading this to watch this video by Nerdwriter (one of the most analytical minds on Youtube in my opinion) explaining the above about how well Trump knows how to use sleight of hand with your attention. “Magician-in-Chief”.

And also:

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1 July 2017 at 7:36 pm

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