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How to do stress better

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Tara Parker-Pope has a long page of good ideas in the NY Times. Her article begins:

Stress is unavoidable in modern life, but it doesn’t have to get you down. Work, money and family all create daily stress, while bigger issues like politics and terrorism contribute to our underlying stress levels. But approach it the right way, and it won’t rule your life — it can even be good for you. Here are ways to deal with stress, reduce its harm and even use your daily stress to make you stronger.
Take Control
Stress is inevitable; getting sick from it is not. . .

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I strongly recommend a very interesting book, Learned Optimism, by Martin Seligman, an experimental psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania (when he wrote the book). The book describes his research on the effect of feeling you lack control, that you’re at the mercy of outside forces that push you and pull you, without your really having a choice. The effect of that sense of lost control is depression, and the book is an exploration of why some people (and dogs) seem not susceptible to that effect. Link is to inexpensive secondhand copies.

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24 July 2017 at 4:37 pm

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