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Excellent (and important) advice if you use a kitchen sponge

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Read this article in the NY Times by Joanna Klein. One pointer as an example:

Don’t feed your sponge with dangerous bacteria

Don’t use your sponge to scrub off chunky food debris or wipe up fresh meat juices, dirt from fruits and veggies, unpasteurized milk stuff, vomit or your pet’s droppings. Just use a paper towel, cleanser or running water. Keep sick people away from food preparation areas. (And for those who asked, a vegan kitchen full of raw vegetables is not immune.)

To avoid cross-contamination, wash your hands (properly) and give different sponges their own jobs — like cleaning only your counter, floor or dishes. A proper handwashing means removing jewelry and using soapy water for 20 seconds before drying with a clean towel, said Argyris Magoulas, an information specialist at the Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Education at the U.S.D.A. Food Safety and Inspection Service.

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11 August 2017 at 4:26 pm

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