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New and better pen light with a 0.5-lumen beam

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For some years I have used Preon2 pen lights. Elderly eyes require more photons, and in looking for things in shadowed shelves or reading menus in dark restaurants and such like, having a pen light on hand makes a big difference. However, the Preon2 switch (a click switch on top of the pen) are prone to failure, and I finally got fed up.

I ordered a ThorFire PF04 Pen Light, which like the Preon2 has three light levels—low, medium, high—that you can select by partially depressing the switch to cycle through the options. For the ThorFire, the low level is just 0.5 lumen (“moonlight mode”), which turns out to be great for moving around in a dark apartment: enough light for dark-adapted eyes to see, but low enough not to affect night vision. I’m surprised how much I like it and how useful it is.

The other two levels put out much more light: 50 lumens and 210 lumens. The switch is clearly sturdy with a stronger spring than in the Preon2, I think it will last longer. It’s made of aircraft aluminum, so it’s lightweight. $17 from Amazon.

Written by Leisureguy

20 September 2017 at 6:54 am

Posted in Daily life, Techie toys

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