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Great shave with the Maggard synthetic, Colonial + Asylum Brush Works shaving soap, Fatip Testina Gentile, and Esbjerg aftershave gel

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Those who have been following the move saga can tell (a) we’ve started unpacking, and (b) the aftershaves haven’t yet been unpacked.

It was a great pleasure to get some variety, and the Colonial + Asylum Brush Works shaving soap makes a really excellent lather of muted fragrance. The Testina Gentile, for all its gentleness, is ruthlessly efficient at removing stubble, so I applied a small dab of Esbjerg to an unharmed face.

A great shave starts the day right.

In the Guide I comment on a variety of things, and one comment is on Fisher and Ury’s Getting to Yes, and their injunction “If you want a horse to jump a fence, make the fence as low as possible.” That is, if you want people to take some action, you work to remove all possible impediments to taking that action (and this leads to the “yessable proposition,” a proposition so well thought through and worked out that the person whose approval must be obtained has only to say “Yes,” there being no other work involved for her or him.

In our new apartment building, I saw a fine example of not understanding this principle. The room holding the dumpster for household garbage has several signs making severe threats of what will happen if anyone disposes of household items (e.g., a broken lamp) in the dumpster: lease will be revoked and tenant doing it will be evicted, with warnings that surveillance cameras are recording your every move.

All that, without a single word about where you can get rid of broken household items, the key bit of information that would help tenants do a proper disposal. You’d think that, if the building management doesn’t want people putting household items in the garbage dumpster, they would go to some lengths to make it easy for the tenants to dispose of household items properly. But nothing on that, just threats of eviction. :sigh:

Written by Leisureguy

28 September 2017 at 10:10 am

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