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Rooney Style 2, Colonia shaving soap, Above the Tie S1, and Creed Aventus

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I don’t really know what to cal this shaving soap. It’s pretty clearly a Colonia shaving soap, but also has Asylum Brush Works as a co-author, as it were, and the soap itself is Saponificio Varesino Beta 4.1 (and in passing it is strange that they are bringing a beta version to market).

It is, however, a good soap: vegan and triple-milled, as noted, and with the Rooney Style 2 Finest, I got a very nice lather quite easily. Eddie from Australia has asked me to compare and contrast this with Mike’s Natural, so Mike’s Natural is on deck for tomorrow. Mike’s Natural, though, includes clay, as I recall, and from the way this soap today lathered I doubt that it contains any clay.

Three passes with the ATT S1 easily produced a perfect result. For me, the S1 is noticeably better than the R1 and less prone to nick.

A splash of Aventus, and I’m set for our Sunday morning breakfast group.

Mark Frauenfelder notes in a newsletter I get:

Less, More and None

Jacoby Young, who works at an elementary school in Hawaii, created a list on his website called “Less, More, and None,“ which categorizes activities he wants to do less often, more often, or not at all. It’s a great idea. I want to make a similar list for myself. I’m starting with less Twitter, more time outside, and no working on holidays. — MF

If you look at the link, the list is appealing. I have immediately put “Walking” under the “More” heading and am wearing now my walking shoes rather than my loafers.

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1 July 2018 at 7:48 am

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