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Nordic walking progress update

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My regular route has recently been taking less time. The times for the last few days (in order): 66 minutes, 64 minutes, 63 minutes, 60 minutes, 59 minutes, and today 57 minutes. I added another mini-lap and brought the total to 61 minutes.

I think that the training effect has kicked in: my body’s responding to the repeated exercise by adding muscle and increasing the capillary network. The effect requires continued exertion, and today I have completed a 30-day streak of meeting my goal of 5500 steps a day: that 30 days apparently is enough for the training effect to take hold. In fact, for the past 10 days I’ve done more than 8000 steps a day, though the Nordic walking part stays right around one hour (but more steps in that hour). I may reset the goal to 8000 steps/day.

And I see that I’ve logged more than a quarter of a million steps since I installed Pedometer++ on July 1.

I was thinking about why Nordic walking is so much more enjoyable to me than just regular walking, and I think it’s because in Nordic walking I have something to do (as it were). In regular walking, my feet and legs have something to do but the rest of me is just along for the ride, so I found I needed some sort of distraction: listening to music, for example, or to audiobooks. But in Nordic walking, because my hands, arms, and shoulders are involved, I feel as though I’m more fully engaged, which makes the walk more enjoyable.

The Exel dealer said their stock of new Exel poles will be shipped (from Finland) on 10 August, so they will be available for purchase around 17-24 August. I can’t wait. One interesting note: because I do all my walking on pavement/tarmac/asphalt, they recommended for better grip and better shock-absorption that I get the Aero2 tip with the Control asphalt paw rather than the All-Terrain tip.

Written by Leisureguy

8 August 2018 at 9:05 am

Posted in Fitness, Nordic walking

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