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Mühle synthetic, Mystic Water Wild Lavender shave stick, Merkur 37G, and Fine l’Orange Noir

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I should use my shave sticks more often, and particularly this one from Mystic Water. The wild-lavender fragrance is quite present and very nice, and the lather is abundant and slick, worked up this morning with the Mühle synthetic. I shook the brush quite well, and after starting the lather over all my beard, I added just a little water to bring it to perfection.

Three passes with the Merkur 37G left a smooth face and a few tiny nicks, so My Nik Is Sealed was called upon to perform its duty. A splash of Fine’s l’Orange Noir finished the shave on a good note.

The walk today (66 minutes) was taken with my iPhone/pedometer app in my pocket, and so I figure somehow I am owed 7200 steps from yesterday. But: so it goes. The key for me is that I’m (a) walking a good distance at a brisk pace each day and (b) I enjoy it and look forward to the walk. I’ve not been tested yet: no rainy days and no snow (of course—but winter is coming). So far, though, it’s been great.

Written by Leisureguy

14 August 2018 at 9:04 am

Posted in Shaving

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