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Interesting answer on Quora re: American attitudes toward Trump and Obama

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I quote:

Why is the right so reluctant to admit Obama did anything right?

Daniel Weinstein, studied at University of California, San Diego

I’ve lived in Australia for the last 44 years. While I’m still American enough to vote, I think that living elsewhere gives me a some perspective that might be elusive if I was in the thick of things. I don’t think this question is well served by a political answer. I don’t think politics have much to do with the fanatical opposition to Obama.

The current president seems to have unwavering, unquestioning support from his base. The level of blind acceptance of his many obviously offensive actions and opinions is reminiscent of the Guru Syndrome. The basic premise required by anyone who chooses to follow a Guru is that the Guru is right. The words and actions of the Guru cannot be subjected to any sort of critical analysis. The Guru is right by definition. The very concept of right is a function of whatever the Guru says or does. For reasons that elude me a significant portion of the American electorate has accepted Donald Trump as their personal Guru.

When it comes to Obama it appears that in some way the opposite occurred. I am just as baffled by the fundamental rejection of all things Obama by a significant segment of the American population as I am of the deification of Trump. But it certainly looked to me like much of the same part of the population that loves Trump made Obama into an anti-Guru. They held him as fundamentally evil and dangerous. They appeared to hold that whatever he did or believed was wrong by definition. He needed to be opposed no matter what because… well, just because.

I’m not in a position to state that it was because he’s black. I have no doubt that had a lot to do with it, but it may not be the whole story. Donald didn’t become president because of his politics, policies or personality. He became president in spite of them. Obama possibly did win because of his politics, policies and personality. He was, and is, inspiring and admirable. For many in the US he was, and is, an outsider. He’s not like us and it is unacceptable that someone who is not one of us be our leader. It’s even more unacceptable that the outsider is inspiring and admirable – that makes him even more dangerous. He is a usurper, he has no right to be here and must be deposed. The right spent 8 years opposing everything Obama did or said, and Donald Trump rode his nasty, racist opposition to all things Obama all the way to the white house.

There is something weird and scary about what’s gone on and is going on in the American experiment at the moment.

Written by Leisureguy

15 August 2018 at 5:34 pm

Posted in Politics

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