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Fun day again

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The Younger Daughter and I went to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to start the day. Good art and interesting exhibits, including some Japanese swords (one from 1430 CE) and a doll house to die for, along with a fair number of Emily Carr paintings. Here’s one, but they had a lot more, and TYD bought me a book of reproductions of Emily Carr paintings.

We also saw quite a stunning fire truck in screaming yellow—for me, much more visible than the traditional red. It was not doing anything, just sitting at the curb.

We all (including The Wife) then went to Abkhazi Garden for tea and a walk through the garden. We had high tea, which was extremely nice. On the bottom are little pastry-wrapped lamb sausages, some mini-tarts of a savory kind. The scones on the next level up were extremely nice, and we finished up with the sweets on the top level—or perhaps they finished us up.

After walking through the garden, we drove to Silk Road Tea on the edge of Chinatown, the source of the teas used at the Abkhazi Garden tearoom.

I was surprised to find that they had tea cakes—tea leaves pressed into a cake, which you break apart, little by little, to make tea. Tea cakes are often aged (since they improve with aging), and I bought a White Pu-Erh tea cake from Spring 2015. (Pu-erh teas are interesting.)

At the left is a photo of it in its box, and below a photo with the lid off. It is wrapped simply in a square of paper, folded and not sealed. This one tea cake will make a lot of tea. Below is a tea cake I’ve been using, breaking off enough each day to make a pot of tea. The leaves are tightly compressed but form layers, so with a little twisting and pressure you can break off—and then break up—enough to make a pot of tea. The cake is lying on the paper it was wrapped in, and I rewrap it (artlessly) after breaking off enough for a new pot of tea.

The tea cake I’m working on is one of several I ordered from China from Teasenz, a site that offers an excellent selection of white teas. I drink white tea because in terms of anti-oxidants and cancer-preventive it is superior even to green tea. (Google “health benefits white tea” for more info.)

All in all, a very good day. Tomorrow TYD and I will walk around Beacon Hill Park, and tomorrow night we’ll enjoy enjoy a dinner at Q at the Empress. And the next morning TYD returns home and I return to Nordic walking.

UPDATE: I found some useful (and interesting) videos on pu-erh tea cakes. First, how the tea cake is made (and you’ll notice that the cake contains a lot of tea):

Next, how the tea cake is aged:

And how to break the cake and how to rewrap it. (There’s much more to this than I realized.)

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22 August 2018 at 7:18 pm

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