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Local spirits

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It turns out that Vancouver Island is home to quite a number of distillers. I have been sampling the products. The photo shows some recent acquisitions, but falls far short of the full range available. Victoria Distillers make(s) the first three shown: Empress 1908, Victoria Cocktail Gin (a London Dry gin), and Victoria Oaken Gin (aged in oak). Sheringham Distillery makes Seaside Gin, whose botanicals include winged kelp. De Vine Vineyards, which we visited yesterday, makes the remaining: New Tom, an Old Tom gin (rather than a London Dry) aged in bourbon barrles; Vin Gin, a gin made from wine; Honey Shine Amber, a rum made from honey rather than sugar cane/molasses; and Moderna, a sweet vermouth (a fortified) wine. I wanted to buy their De Vine Kiss (a vodka made from strawberries), but the last bottle of current production was sold the day before I arrived (though I think a customer-oriented answer would have been that the last bottle was sold a month ago). Also not in stock but I want: Ancient Grains (a whisky made from ancient varieties of wheat) and Glen Saanich, a Scotch-like malt whisky (Saanich being the area in which De Vine Vineyards is located).

As you can see at the links, the range of offerings goes well beyond the spirits listed. We also bought a few wines from De Vine: a 2016 Foch, a 2017 Fleur, and a 2017 Siegerrebe.

It’s pleasant to have such local delicacies available (when they are).

Written by Leisureguy

22 August 2018 at 9:45 am

Posted in Daily life, Drinks

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