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First walk after visit from TYD—and after smoke invaded Victoria

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Victoria last week had some very bad smoke days from the wildfires, particularly Wednesday, when the shifting winds brought the smoke directly here. The Eldest had strongly recommended getting a mask that filters out particulate matter (e.g., smoke particles), and I ordered these.

Today before I went for my walk—first walk in a week—I checked the Air Quality Health Index for Victoria:

The bottom of the “Moderate Risk” category does not seem all that bad (particularly since this past week some days were at 10+), but I did click the “Find out if you are at risk” link, where I read:

Oh, all right. I’ll wear the damn mask. I wore it for the first outbound leg, which is strongly uphill at the end, and that’s where I really start breathing heavily and deeply. No problems from air quality, but the mask was not exactly comfortable and kept my hot damp breath trapped around my mouth, so I thought “The hell with it” and removed the mask.

I had not gone 50 meters before I was coughing hard and wheezing and my throat felt sore. Wow. Mask went right back on and I wore it the rest of the (64-minute, 7200-step) walk.

I’m very glad I got the masks (20 for CDN$19), and I’ll definitely check the AQHI before my walk each morning. Smoky air is no joke.

If we have a lot of smoky days, I’ll get vented N95 respirator masks, which would be more comfortable.

Update: Important note on selecting a mask. The one I got is good, some others are not so good.

Written by Leisureguy

25 August 2018 at 9:49 am

Posted in Daily life, Fitness, Health

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