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The old ways are best: Ice-crusher division

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I think everyone is familiar with the-old-ways-are-best shaving division. But it’s true for ice crushers as well. I’ve had the Tap-Icer, I’ve had the little ice crusher with a handle (and a lid that generally pinched you at least once), turn the handle one way for “fine,” the other way for “coarse.”

None of them hold a candle to what we did when I was very young. We had a canvas bag, and Mother would fill it with ice, and then I would take it out to the sidewalk and hammer the bag to crush the ice.

Hammer a little, coarse; hammer a lot, fine; hammer for mint juleps, snow.

The nice thing is that the result is somewhat variegated in size (unless you did “snow”). I find that pleasant and also indicative of ice that has been crushed and not ground up in a machine. The irregularities in size are testimony to crushing.

And we didn’t have a cool mallet with a large face surface. I used a regular carpenter’s hammer, but to get the broad impact I used the side of the hammer head.

This is better. Better than what I had (the mallet v. the hammer). And does a better job. And if the ice is cold, it stays cold. Crushing machines get the ice to melting. Not this.

True crushed ice is essential in any number of cocktails. The Old Fashioned, of course, and also the Scotch Mist.

And you can’t make a mint julep without ice smashed to snow. It must melt quickly and thoroughly when you stir the drink so that frost will form on the outside of the (silver) cup.

Written by Leisureguy

28 August 2018 at 4:01 pm

Posted in Daily life, Drinks

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