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Why you should say “No” if a police officer asks if s/he can search your vehicle

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Excellent answer to this Quora question:

Why do so many people advise to refuse a cop if the cop asks permission to search your car without warrant? I mean if I have nothing to hide, then why not let the cop search the car?

Answer by: Melissa Leigh, works at Stay-At-Home Mothers

I refused a search once. I was driving my late husband to my mother-in-law’s which was a couple hour drive from where we lived. We didn’t know we had a tail light out. Well, we got pulled over five times on that ride. The first two officers were wonderful but the third was an asshole. I have tattoos, my husband had tattoos, my husband was Hispanic, we’d just I spent a week camping and my car was still completely packed full of stuff and it was April 20. That meant nothing to me or my husband because neither one of us was a drug user but because of the way we looked and I guess our car being so full the officer wanted to search our car.

I told him no because number one, it was already after midnight and we were very tired. Number two, my three row volvo station wagon (named Fat Paul the Panty Dropping Space Tank – I was 20 shrug ‍♀️) was PACKED! The time it would take to search it would be hours. The officer was not aware that I knew that I could tell him no and kept wording as if I had to let him search. I got to the point where I just said, “look with all due respect, we both know that you cannot search my car because I told you no. I’m tired I would really like to get home. Can we end this please?” And he told me he was sure I had something In my car but he had to let me go. After that we were pulled over two more times finally the last officer escorted us to Walmart to get a light while we all laughed about what a long night. Thank god this officer was so kind too because by this time I was so frustrated I yelled at the poor officer before he could say a word. Something along the lines of, “”I know about the light ok! I know!” While holding up my repair order.

Now, there was a time when I did let officer search my car. Wasn’t doing anything wrong, I was just a young white woman in an inner-city Baltimore and usually that means drugs. So because I did not have anything I allowed the officers to search my car. What did they do? They ripped off my door panel which never went back in properly again and they broke a little drop-down drawer that came out of my dashboard. So my brand new car at the time now had a panel that sat crooked and a gaping hole in the dash. I was pissed. That’s another reason I will never consent to another search. There’s no respect and there’s no one to hold accountable when things get broken.

The last reason and probably the most serious reason is that some officers do plant things in your car It happened to me. I was about 16 and myself and two friends were going to a grocery store and one of my friends stole a stuffed animal. It was stupid and to this day I don’t know why she did it. They saw her and the police were waiting for us outside. They searched my friends car and as they did I watched an officer shove his closed hand between the seats and immediately pull his hand back out open it and show us a metal pipe for weed. My friends and I immedietly burst out laughing.

Here’s the thing, we absolutely look like we would be drug users. At the time we did a lot of hitchhiking and train hopping around the country and wore patched, dirty clothes and some of us lived on the streets and some of us lived in homes with 10 other friends, we were “crust punks”. We without a doubt looked like we used, at a minimum, marijuana. But the three of us did not. Most of our friends did but the three of us who happened to be in that car that day did not smoke weed.

We told the officers this. I already knew it was planted because I watched the officer “find” It. We told him arrest us if he wanted but the first thing our lawyers would do is have it finger printed because none of us had touched it because we didn’t smoke.

The bowl vanished. No one mentioned it again, I never saw it again and it wasn’t in the report for my friends shop lifting arrest. Now to those who doubt this story, I ask you this; if the officers had truly found it and not planted it would they just have taken our words for it not being ours? Of course not. They would have believed we were lying like everyone else who gets caught and charged us with it. But it just went away. Also, if you don’t believe cops do this, I live in Baltimore. Seen the news lately?

Baltimore Police Caught Planting Drugs In Body-Cam Footage, Public Defender Says

This has been going on a long time.

That is another reason I don’t consent to searches. It’s just safer sometimes not to. Besides all my friends who are police even say don’t consent.

My question, the one I’m so entertained by, is why do so many people think they have to be mirandized when being picked up for things like having a metal pipe found in their car or shoplifting? People watch too much tv.

Written by Leisureguy

8 October 2018 at 11:20 am

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