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Should Hillary Clinton be in prison?

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The question above was asked on Quora, and it is certainly no secret that many Republicans would like to “Lock her up! Lock her up!

Ron Wagner (who describes himself as “USAF pilot in Presidential Wing at Andrews, airline pilot, aero engineer”) has an excellent answer to the question:

This is a good, simple question and I’ll give you a good, simple answer.

Lots of answers here go into all kinds of detail and speculation, which none of us really have access to. So, let’s consider just the bright, glaring facts that we know for absolutely sure:

  1. The Republicans have conducted somewhere around 17 federal investigations into the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.
  2. The Republicans absolutely hate both Clintons and would walk across the country bare-foot on broken glass to get them in prison.
  3. Putting either of the Clintons in prison would be the greatest political victory the modern Republicans have ever attained.
  4. The Republicans have investigated both Clintons and their foundation over about two decades.
  5. The Republicans have spent more than $100 million of yours and my taxpayer money on these investigations.
  6. Millions of Republican voters absolutely believe that the Clintons are the most corrupt two people in the USA. There would be dancing in the streets if either Clinton were so much as arrested. The day of their entering prison would be celebrated among Republicans for generations.
  7. The Republicans would charge the Clintons or any employee of their staff or of the Clinton Foundation with jaywalking if they could substantiate it with evidence.
  8. The Republicans have never, ever filed a single charge against the Clintons—nor anyone who works for them or has ever worked for them. Contrast this to the 200+ charges filed already against people who worked for or with Donald Trump.
  9. People don’t go into prison in the USA without four things happening first:
    1. They must be charged with a crime.
    2. Then there has to be a trial.
    3. The trial must end with a guilty verdict from a jury.
    4. And, finally, a judge has to invoke a sentence of prison time.

So, the answer to your question is a simple no.

Or, maybe, Hillary Clinton will be in prison as soon as those four things happen, but not one day before.


And now I’m going to close with my personal beliefs, which are separate from the list of undeniable facts I wrote above.

I used to think as much as anyone else that the Clintons were sleazy and corrupt. I would have loved to see them taken down.

And finally, in October of 2015 I figured the day of reckoning had come for Hillary. She was summoned to sit down at a table in front of Trey Gowdy, a panel of angry Republicans who hate both Clintons, and a bank of national TV cameras.

She had with her a microphone and a glass of water—actually I think she had a couple of Diet Cokes during the day.

Trey Gowdy and his panel had with them an army of staffers, advisors, and lawyers, running back and forth with a library of documents.

But 11 hours later—speaking only from memory with no reference material and no advisor—she alone slaughtered all of them.

Trey Gowdy closed down the investigation.

And then, in shame, in 2018 he didn’t even run for reelection for his own seat in Congress.


No two people in American history have been investigated more doggedly and had more money spent on those insane pursuits than the Clintons. Their pursuers make the infamous Inspector Javert in Les Misérables look like a boy scout.

Today’s Republicans would write the ending of Les Miz to have Javert shoot Jean Valjean, dump him in the river, and walk away laughing.

I guess that few Republicans have watched and understood Les Miz.

But for me, after October, 2015 I realized that the Jean Valjean character in the drama of pursuing Hillary—the good guy—was Hillary Clinton.

I almost hated to admit it, but after the epic failure to find even a single charge against either Clinton, or even against a lowly Clinton staffer, I have concluded that the Clintons are either the cleanest couple in America or the smartest of all time.

They have either not committed crimes, or they are vastly smarter than any Republican they’ve faced over the past 20 years.

Either way, they have earned my respect and I thank the Republicans for spending $100 million to teach me that.

And, in case you’re wondering, I’ll be clear that unless the Republicans end this drama the way Inspector Javert did, I will never respect them again. Of course they won’t actually shoot themselves, die, and float away, but metaphorically it’s time for them to give us a Les Miz ending.

Written by Leisureguy

31 March 2019 at 6:31 am

2 Responses

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  1. If Hillary Clinton did not do anything illegal, why did she have various devices destroyed that could have proved her innocent of any wrongdoing?



    1 April 2019 at 8:09 am

  2. I don’t to what devices you refer, but in the US a person does not have prove themselves innocent. Their innocence is presumed; the prosecution must prove guilt.

    This is such a basic Constitutional principle that I am astonished that anyone would not know that.

    In any case, electronic devices are frequently destroyed, particularly hard drives containing sensitive data. Without further information I can’t really tell you why. Do you have a link?



    1 April 2019 at 9:12 am

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