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Baking Bread with 4,500-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Yeast

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Kaila Hale-Stern reports at The Mary Sue:

On Twitter, physicist (and “father of the X-Box”) Seamus Blackley shared his adventures in gastroegyptology, which is a thing I have just now learned about! Blackley recently worked with specialists in order to bake a rather unique bread fit for a Pharaoh, and it’s hard not gaze in wonder at what science hath wrought.

Blackley, a former video game designer and producer who was instrumental in the development of the X-Box at Microsoft, also calls himself an “amateur gastroegyptologist” in his Twitter bio. Along with Egyptologygist Dr. Serena Love and microbiologist Richard Bowman, Blackley & co. visited museums to harvest 4,500-year-old yeast samples from Ancient Egyptian vessels. Blackley’s subsequent raising of the organisms from the dead for doughy purposes is the ultimate combination of science-meets-whimsical curiosity, and I love it.

Bowman will analyze the samples to determine which “which microorganisms are old and which are modern contaminants,” so it’s not 100% clear yet what the team came back with. But that didn’t deter Blackley from cooking up a sample that he kept. . .

Continue reading for the full story with photographs. The bread looks yummy.

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6 August 2019 at 8:28 am

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