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Interesting superhero take on capitaism: “The Boys” on Amazon

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I’m watching “The Boys” on Amazon and find it captivating since I never know what direction it will go. It starts out as the usual Marvel-style superhero movie but quickly shows itelf to be a scathing satire of American capitalism. Definitely worth watching. Jac Quaid (the protagonist) is the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid.

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31 August 2019 at 8:36 pm

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How a Banana-Chicken Casserole Defined Swedish Cuisine

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Luke Fater describes a dish I’d really like to try: Flying Jacob. The article at the link begins:

IN HIS BEST-SELLING NORDIC COOKBOOK, internationally renowned chef Magnus Nilsson praises the Flying Jacob, writing that “few dishes are as emblematic and unique to the contemporary food culture of Sweden.” The original recipe calls for shredded, grilled chicken topped with sliced bananas and Italian salad spice to be submerged in a mixture of whipped cream and Heinz chili sauce. After baking, it’s to be sprinkled with fried bacon chunks and peanuts—an unusual combination of ingredients that’s been called “anti-epicurean,” and “a truly horrifying mash-up of things.”

Swedes beg to differ. In the nearly half-century since its inception, the casserole has become ubiquitous. Peaking in popularity through the 1980s, it’s still served in cafeterias and nursing homes, sold as a frozen meal, and offered as a baby-food flavor. And it’s not a one-off—the popularity of Flying Jacob reflects a uniquely Swedish sensibility toward food. . .

And concludes:

. . . you should know that most foreigners who express dismay at the ingredient list go on to praise Flying Jacob once they’ve tried it, confessing shame over their previous reservations or complimenting the brilliant pairing of sweet bananas, Italian spice, and smoky bacon fat. If you plan to cook it at home on your own, Dr. Tellström advises, “it must be Heinz chili sauce.”

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31 August 2019 at 11:38 am

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Barrister & Mann Reserve Spice and the Game Changer .68-P

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Barrister & Mann’s Reserve soaps call for a synthetic brush, and I like this Keyhole brush a lot. It did a fine job, producing a fragrant and thick lather. RazoRock’s Game Changer .68-P is a wonderful razor, and the ribbed handle is interesting and comfortable, with a large knob at the end that simplifies the ATG pass. A splash of Reserve Spice aftershave and the weekend opens before me.

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31 August 2019 at 7:47 am

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