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The lather from this Mystic Water shave stick was excellent, but the fragrance was faint, probably due to its age. But absolutely nothing wrong with the lather, and the Kent Infinity was a good brush for the work.

The Game Changer did its usual stellar job, producing a completely smooth result in total comfort, and then a good splash of Royall Mandarin (with no diminution of fragrance there) finished the job.

I’m still occasionally amazed at the memory of how unpleasant shaving once was, when now I would not start the day in any other way.


Written by Leisureguy

10 October 2019 at 8:50 am

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  1. Michael, I too cannot imagine a day without shaving. Most guys hate shaving and consider it to be nuisance. But if such persons can change an unpleasant task into a serious hobby, that person has made a wise and gainful decision.

    I constantly learn new things. I never benefitted from using a preshave oil, until I realized I was using too much. I now use only one drop on the palm of one hand, and then I rub my hands together briefly. Then rub well into the facial skin, until the oil largely disappears.

    I have not cut or nicked my old thin skin since my discovery on how properly to use preshave oil. I find the purpose and the benefit of preshave oil is to make the facial skin supple and resilient. And I find olive oil works as fine as the expensive professional products. Indeed, less is more!

    BTW the easy way to get the equivalent of only one drop is to place the open palm tightly on top of the 1/2 inch opening of the bottle, and invert the bottle for a second. The result is a film of oil in the center of the palm about the size of a dime. Perfect.

    Life, if nothing else, constantly is a teachable experience.


    Steve Riehle

    10 October 2019 at 12:34 pm

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