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Abstract Expressionism, Jackson Pollock, and art

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I have been looking at videos and movies from a discussion from our Sunday morning breakfast group, and I thought I’d include them here because they were quite interesting to me. I wrote an earlier post with a comment and a movie suggestion. Let me go a little further in that direction with some YouTube videos.

First, one on Abstract Expressionism — and note the upheaval and chaos of progress that drove that change in art (also discussed in “Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies,” which I highly recommend) resembles the forces described in the shaping of Pollack’s art.

This next video focuses on one major Pollock work and shows the social-network context — the milieu within which art is created and appreciated. The State University of Iowa material is a bonus from me, since I was a grad student there starting September 1963. The name was changed in October 1964 to “University of Iowa,” and that name is anachronistically used in the film.

And this Vox Explainer also delves into the social milieu in which art emerges:

And here’s the case for Jackson Pollock:

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10 November 2019 at 2:41 pm

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