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Plisson European Grey Badger with Grog and the iKon 101

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This brush dwells on the WSP shelf and so I came upon in the series. Thee knot is certainly a natural bristle, and a very nice one, too: very full without being dense, with a coarse, pebbly feel on the face as though the hairs were rounded on the end. The handle seems natural as well, at least as compared to the manufactured resin handles generally used for shaving brushes today. This is nickel-coated brass with substantial heft.

I do love the feel of this brush. The Wife brought it back from Paris as a gift, and she bought it from the last Master Barber in Paris on his personal recommendation. He specifically recommended it over a silvertip badger, and as I lathered this morning I got an inkling of why: it feels like a knot that will last and last and do an excellent job the whole time. The lather from Tallow + Steel’s take on Bay Rum, their Grog, was extremely nice.

The iKon Shavecraft 101 continues to remain in the very top tier of my razors, a totally wonderful design that feels good on the face, never nicks, and removes every trace of roughness from stubble quite easily. You’ll note that the handle is designed for a firm grip at the base for the against-the-grain pass, in sharp contrast the Gillette Heritage’s handle design.

A splash of Grog finished the job and this holiday Saturday morning is clear and sunny.

Written by LeisureGuy

30 November 2019 at 9:33 am

Posted in Shaving

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