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Smashed chickpeas: Recipe ideas

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Aliza Abarbanel has a good column in Bon Appetit. She takes a can of chickpeas, drains and rinses the contents, and smashes them (a potato masher works well). From the column:

I aim for a one or two mix-ins from each of these categories:

  • Something briny/acidic: capers, pepperoncini, half-sour pickles; when all else fails, a lot of lemon juice does the trick.
  • Something punchy/sharp: sliced scallions, grated garlic, flaked smoked trout, harissa, almost-too-many red pepper flakes—the goal is to add flavor!
  • Something creamy/rich: a good dollop of Greek yogurt, tahini, organic mayo, Dijon mustard, leftover green goddess or tahini ranch; add in a drizzle of olive oil or an additional spoonful of your chosen creamy condiment if things look dry

After everything’s combined, I add some salt and cracked black pepper and tweak the levels of acid and spice until it tastes intense and bright.

Sometimes I eat my smashed chickpea salad as is, but most of the time, I make it a sandwich. To ward off Soggy Sandwich Syndrome, I bring the salad to work in a little container, sometimes along with sliced cucumbers or quick-pickled carrots, and pack up a separate container of toast (or toast-like things) to serve underneath the salad: Toasted sourdough, rice cakes (I like this tamari with seaweed flavor), or Norwegian crisp bread, sturdy crackers. When lunchtime comes, I assemble.

It goes without saying that smashed chickpea salad is more than just a panic lunch. It’s a great weeknight dinner, and it can certainly be planned in advance.

Read the whole thing.

BTW, I strongly advise against rice cakes: they have an extremely high glycemic index:

The glycemic index rating for rice cakes is approximately 87–91, compared to pure glucose at 100.

Written by Leisureguy

15 March 2020 at 1:16 pm

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