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Great news: Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto is on-line for free!

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As I’ve be slowly re-immersing myself into Esperanto, I was pining for the Esperanto books I had donated to the Esperanto League of North America, including the magisterial Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto (Complete Illustrated Dictionary of Esperanto).

“Vortaro” is from “vorto” (“word”) and the suffix “-ar-“, one of the Esperanto affixes that allow easy vocabulary acquisition. Specifically, as explained at

AR = “a whole group or a collection of many things of the same type”.

homo → homaro = all people in the world, the whole human race
birdo → birdaro = all birds in the world or in one region [or a flock – LG]
gazeto → gazetaro = all newspapers and magazines in one region, the press
verko → verkaro = all works of one author
estro → estraro = an elected group of leaders of one organization, a board
arbo → arbaro = a place with many trees growing together, a forest or wood
haro → hararo = all of the hairs on someone’s head, a head of hair
ŝafo → ŝafaro = all sheep of one owner or in one place
meblo → meblaro = all furniture of one room/apartment/house
altaj montoj → altmontaro = a range or chain of high mountains
vorto → vortaro = a book with a list of words and explanations of them, a dictionary
horo → horaro = a table of hours, in which something special is happening, a timetable
ŝtupeto → ŝtupetaro = a tool for climbing, constructed from two posts and many steps (= a ladder)
vagono → vagonaro = a succession of wagons joined together, pulled by a locomotive (= train)
aro = a group, collection, herd, etc.

Because I was pining for the book, I did a search — and lo! the complete book is now available on-line. I’m not sure about the “ilustrita” part, but I’m happy to have found what I did.

I came across this brief video this morning:

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18 April 2020 at 10:04 am

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