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Smooth Soft Supple Result again, with CK-6 and GC .84-P

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I would say that this time it’s a combination of Phoenix Artisan’s CK-6 formulation (here in Dapper Doc’s Old Time Lilac & Fig) and the RazoRock Game Changer .84-P.

The prep was a pleasure. That’s a limited edition (as it turned out) synthetic brush from Chiseled Face that I find very handsome (and effective). CK-6 lather really is exceptional, and I lathered it on (natch).

The Game Changer is a first-rate razor in either “setting,” .68-P or .84-P. I used the .84-P because a commenter has one and asked whether, having that razor, the Rockwell 6S would be a good buy.

I do find some slight differences in feel, though both are top-notch in comfort and efficiency. The 6S does have a range of baseplates (all are comfortable and efficient), so it comes packaged with variety built in. That said, I normally stick with the R3. Still, you can change it up.

However, both razors tick some of the same checkboxes: stainless steel, very comfortable, highly efficient, swappable handle (i.e., 3-piece design, which I see as the best approach). If pushed, I would say I like the 6S a bit more, but the difference is subtle.

So I would suggest that for a new razor, go in a different direction: get a slant. You will recall that in the Guide I strongly recommend that one’s second razor be a slant. Take a look at these: iKon 102, iKon X3, Parker Semi-Slant, RazoRock German 37, Holy Black SR-71, Merkur 37C, Fine slant, Above the Tie S1, or iKon B6-coated. Those ae all quite good.

Or try a double-open-comb razor. Phoenix Artisan has the Ascension (in aluminum or stainless or (sometimes) copper) and Yaqi has several excellent models (all using the same head geometry). Even a single open-comb is nice—if you can find one, I highly recommend iKon 101, a wonderful razor.

That said, I do like the 6S a lot, but I do have all those other razors because I also like variety. I think you’d get more bang for your buck by trying some of the alternatives listed.

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24 April 2020 at 9:13 am

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