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World’s best olive oils, the 2020 edition

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Take a look.

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15 May 2020 at 8:25 am

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Comparing Creed’s shaving soap

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In yesterday’s post I commented that the best small-company shaving soaps had surpassed the products from major players, and I picked on Creed, a well-established and highly regarded fragrance company that until recently offered a (very expensive) shaving soap. (It’s no longer shown on their site, so I assume they’ve decided to bow out of the game.)

I wanted to compare my Creed Green Irish Tweed shaving soap to yesterday’s Declaration Grooming Cuir et Épices, which uses their Milksteak soap formulation. And here we are.

Just as yesterday, I used a Mggard 22mm synthetic brush, and again the lather was quite good. In terms of fragrance, I would give the edge to Creed, but then fragrance is their game. The Creed soap loaded easier — no clay, I imagine — and had good thick and creamy consistency, as did the Declaration Grooming soap. Creed’s lather did not provide the glide I got from DC’s lather, but it was certainly not bad.

Three passes with RazoRock’s MJ-90A left my face perfectly smooth, and the post-shave feel is indeed quite nice. I don’t have the list of Creed’s soap ingredients, but I doubt it has the range of the DC formula.

Overall, I would say that it’s a tie in performance, a win for Creed in fragrance (but DC does offer other fragrances in the same base — and Creed’s Green Irish Tweed is really an exceptional fragrance), and a win for DC in the post-shave feel, but by just a whisker.

So call it a draw. Creed’s price currently is US$125, the Milksteak soaps run $25. You pay your money, you take your choice (only you can no longer choose Creed unless you find some retailer that still has some stock — Saks Fifth Avenue has at least some, though not GIT).

FWIW, when I bought my tub of Creed it was $62, and even that took my breath away, but I was determined to try Green Irish Tweed and not Green Irish Tweed Style (the locution favored by imitators).

It’s a lovely fragrance of the fougère family. From

Top Notes:  Lemon, Verbena

Heart Notes: Iris, Violet leaf

Base notes: Mysore sandalwood, Ambergris

Written by Leisureguy

15 May 2020 at 7:48 am

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