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Reprising a great shave, with a new cast of characters

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I tried to replicate yesterday’s great shave by using another super-premium shaving soap (CK-6 instead of Milksteak) and another good slant (RazoRock Stealth instead of Parker Semi-Slant — the “semi” is pure marketing: it’s a slant and adding “semi” doesn’t change that (cf. the FBI practice of having all its agents be “special agents” — there are no regular FBI agents, which brings to mind W.S. Gilbert’s line “When everybody is somebody, then nobody is anybody”).

I used my Fine Classic to evoke the lather, and I have to say the shave result was much the same as yesterday despite shaving only a one-day stubble: extremely smooth and the skin feeling soft and supple from the special qualities of the soap (in addition to the total absence of stubble). Right now I think I like Milksteak a little more than CK-6, but that may be merely the effect of novelty: I’ve become somewhat accustomed to the initially astonishing quality of CK-6.

A splash of Doppelgänger aftershave, and the day begins.

Written by Leisureguy

26 May 2020 at 10:40 am

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