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13th — a movie worth watching

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So, if you have Netflix, watch it. Or at least watch it for 10 minutes and then decide whether to finish.

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6 June 2020 at 8:52 pm

How many cops does New York City need?

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Kevin Drum has an intriguing post at Mother Jones:

A small fight conversation broke out in my twitter feed yesterday related to my post about the number of cops vs. violent crime rates. For example, in New York City violent crime has declined by nearly 80 percent from its peak in 1990:

Crime had declined by a full third before Rudy Giuliani became mayor. It declined before anyone whispered the words “broken windows.” It declined before Bill Bratton introduced CompStat. It began its decline during a recession; kept declining during the Clinton boom; continued without a hitch during the 2000 recession; and then kept declining during both the Bush recovery and the Great Recession. It’s obvious that both economic conditions and new theories of policing had little to do with it.

So here’s a more detailed look at New York City:

The per capita number of police officers increased by about 10 percent through 2000 and then declined by about 20 percent through 2018. That’s nearly flat over the entire period. Violent crime, by contrast, plummeted 60 percent from its peak in 1990 through 2000 and then declined another 40 percent through 2018. That’s a total decrease of nearly 80 percent between 1990 and 2018.

So this provokes a big question: Why did crime go down so much? One possibility is that it’s because New York kept its number of police officers high and trained them better with tools like CompStat and community policing. Or maybe it was aggressive use of stop-and-frisk? If those are the answers, then you want to stick with a policy that’s working.

But if crime went down because the blood lead levels in kids went down, it means that teenagers today are inherently less violent than they were 30 years ago. If you ease up on the number of cops and the stop-and-frisk and so forth, crime will remain low because kids these days simply nicer and more self-controlled than they used to be.

As it happens, the evidence is massively on the side of . . .

Continue reading for the surprising explanation and links to good explanatory articles.

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6 June 2020 at 2:49 pm

NFL players speakout

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6 June 2020 at 1:37 pm

Calibre and your ebooks

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Calibre is a terrific program for managing your ebooks, and it gives you the ability to do some very nice things. Calibre is free, though donations are encouraged.

Lee Miller, in the Duolingo Esperanto Learner’s group on Facebook pointed out a good Esperanto resource available as a PDF: Teach Yourself Esperanto, John Cresswell. I downloaded the PDF.

He also pointed out this collection of Esperanto short stories. I decided to read this one. I used my browser to print the page as a PDF.

I added both PDFs to my Calibre library using the Add Books button,  then used Calibre’s Edit Metadata button to correct the author and title information.  Since those are displayed in the library listing of the book, it was important that they be correct. Correcting them a snap: the metadata are displayed and you can easily edit the information.

I then used Calibre’s Convert Books to covert the PDF to the format used by my eBook reader (AZW3 for my Kindle, but Calibre can also do MOBI, EPUB, and many other formats). I then used Calibre’s Send to Device button to send the converted file to my Kindle.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.57.11 PM

Not quite Bob’s your uncle, but easy enough.

If you use ebooks, you should investigate Calibre. (The link is to a variety of YouTube explanations.)

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6 June 2020 at 10:08 am

Finally: Newspaper editorial board tells Trump to ‘resign now’

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As the MSNBC report by Steve Benen notes,

According to one count, in 1998, the editorial boards of 115 newspapers called on then-President Bill Clinton to resign. The Democrat was, of course, caught up in a sex scandal, which led to his impeachment, and major dailies — including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution — said Clinton was so tarnished by his personal misconduct that he needed to vacate the Oval Office. The then-president ignored the advice and finished his term.

Bene’s report continues:

More than two decades later, another president, who was also impeached, has found himself embroiled in a series of far more serious scandals. Today, the editorial board of the Portland Press Herald said it’s seen enough. The headline reads, “To President Trump: You should resign now.”

[A]sk yourself – can this country take five more months like the last five? You are a president supported by a minority of the people, and your only path to victory in November is to further divide the nation. This campaign could do even more lasting damage than you have done already. We know that you are not much of a student of history, but you recently said that you “learned a lot from Richard Nixon.” That’s good, because he set the historical precedent for what you should do now.

The editorial coincides with Trump’s visit to Maine today. (Gov. Janet Mills raised concerns about the trip, which the president ignored. Sen. Susan Collins, facing a tough re-election fight this year, announced this week that she’s busy and won’t travel with the president to her own home state.)

The Press Herald‘s argument is compelling, though one of the most striking aspects of it is the larger context: why is it that we’ve seen so few editorials like this? . . .

Benen takes a guess at the answer, but it is puzzling.

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6 June 2020 at 8:50 am

D-Day shave: Declaration Grooming and the Gillette 1940’s Aristocrat

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An extremely good result — the smooth, soft, supple result, though “smooth” required more work from the razor than it should have. I think a new blade is in order, though I also think that good modern razors are noticeably more efficient and comfortable than razors from 70 years ago. (No surprise: the same is true of, for example, automobiles.)

Declaration Grooming’s Milksteak is at least equal to CK-6, though I thought I detect a slight difference in consistency of lather. Someday I’ll have to use them side by side in the same shave and see. But, really, this is quibbling: they are both first-rate soaps and in a category of their own.

Three passes, the aforementioned result, and then a splash of Captain’s Choice Bay Rum to finish. It’s a rather nice clove-free bay rum with a solid formula: Alcohol, witch hazel, essential oils and extracts, glycerin.

The weekend is now underway.

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6 June 2020 at 8:11 am

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