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The Ecosystems of Wicked Problems

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A “wicked problem” is one that results from a system of causes:

 Wicked problems are those that have multiple interacting systems — social, ecological, and economic — a number of social and institutional uncertainties, and imperfect knowledge. . . Wicked problems are not easy to solve because it is impossible to define and describe their full nature.  Additionally, wicked problems are continually evolving.

The man who coined the term ‘wicked problem’, urban planner and designer Horst Rittel, perceived the limitations of the linear ‘systems approach’ of design and planning over 30 years ago. . . One of the fundamental problems with solving wicked problems is lack of information, or lack of transparency and availability of information since social and infrastructural complexity creates barriers to information sharing.

The above is excerpted from this interesting article (somewhat lengthy, but well worth reading) by Timon McPhearson in Smart Cities Dive. It’s a fairly lengthy article and worth reading because (it seems to me) the problems the US faces now are wicked problems.

The chart is from this short article by Christian Sarkar, an artist, entrepreneur, and consultant.

Written by LeisureGuy

14 July 2020 at 11:39 am

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