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Outfoxing WordPress

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WordPress has a problem with horizontal rules. It allows a blank line before a rule but not after, witht the result that the text following the rule is jammed against the rule.

Like this. See how the text is jammed against the bottom of the rule. That doesn’t look right.

If finally figured out a “solution” — the sort of solution someone found once (back in the old days of the IBM 1401 computer with a card reader) when a program bug caused the program to ignore the first card in the input deck. “Solution”: put a blank card at the front of the input deck.

My blank card is a line consisting solely of a single character. After typing the character, I press Shift-Enter to start a new line. Then I make the font color white (just for that character) so that it’s invisible.

Like this. Now the rule looks right. I used “x” as the character. Before I thought of changing the character’s font color I used “.” as the character, which was barely noticeable, but with the font color change, any character works.

Written by Leisureguy

12 September 2020 at 11:28 am

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