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Food movies — and a note on garlic

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It’s no secret that I am exploiting as much as I can the two-week free trial the Criterion Channel offers — obviously not secret, since I just wrote a blog post about it earlier today.

It’s also no secret to anyone who reads my recipe posts that I like garlic (and onions) — it’s rare that one of my recipes will lack garlic. One book I loved and wish I had kept is Garlic Is Life: A Memoir With Recipes, by Chester Aaron. I’ve commented several times on the wonderful Russian red garlic grown locally

The local garlic I enjoy (cloves from one head)

Criterion Collection offers groups of movies that share some theme, and I just came across the group “Glorious Food,” which includes some favorites — Tampopo, My Dinner With Andre, Babette’s Feast, Tom Jones, for example — those are ones I’ve seen and would enjoy rewatching (and in fact I’m rewatching My Dinner With Andre  right now) — and some I’ve not yet seen. I just watched one of the latter: Garlic Is Worth Ten Mothers, a very nice 50-minute film set in Northern California (including several scenes at Chez Panisse) that is a paean to garlic. Definitely include that in your trial run through of their offerings.

Written by Leisureguy

26 November 2020 at 5:55 pm

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