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Short videos of wonderful local Chinese foods in Chaoshan, Yunnan, and Gansu

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I occasionally blog about some local food or drink I enjoy that distant readers cannot try — but it seems every locale has its own food specialties available only to those who live there or very nearby.

The Netflix series Flavorful Origins has short episodes — about 10 minutes each — on such local specialty foods three provinces in China: Chaoshan cuisine (Season 1), Yunnan Cuisine (Season 2), and Gansu cuisine (Season 3). Watching the first two episodes of Gansu cuisine, I long to eat the grilled lamb in Jiaguyuan city or the sheep herders’ mutton cooked in tripe using hot cobblestones, all in the open air in their Ganjian pastures. And I would love to eat Lanzhou lily bulbs, sweet and crisp, roasted in the oven or used in a stir-fry — and the lily blossoms from the same plant.

The episodes are beautifully shot and would be especially good if you speak Mandarin. I do not, but fortunately subtitles are used — and the main impact is from the images.

Written by Leisureguy

30 November 2020 at 8:30 am

Posted in Food, Movies & TV

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