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TV series on Netflix that I like a lot, with viewing advice

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The Korean series Stranger, whose first two seasons are on Netflix, is excellent: well-drawn characters, complex but intelligible plot, and interesting cultural differences.

It is sub-titled in English, and for most in the US the names are unusual and difficult to remember (like, say, the Russian names in War and Peace), so I recommend in the first few episodes pausing the action to write down a character’s name when the character is introduced. This will help a lot later, when the character is mentioned in some conversation. I did this when reading War and Peace — writing down name and a brief description of who it was — and it helped immensely.

Because the plot is intricate and the dialogue sometimes swift, I made good use of the 10-second rewind and in fact I watched one episode twice. On the second viewing, everything was clear even though after the first viewing I was a bit confused.

I hope and expecct a third season will eventually become available. The second season is from 2020, so it may be a few months from now.

Some of the cultural differences are obvious — for example, the routine bowing and the extreme deference given to superiors (it must be an extremely hierarchical society). Others may be an artifact of drama, such as when a character in an office context shouts and shows overt anger. I get the idea this is done as a show of strength and to intimidate, whereas in US/Canadian culture that would be interpreted as (character) weakness demonstrating that the person is immature and lacks self control. (The same pattern of shouting and overt anger occurs in Japanese modern-day dramas as well.)

Written by LeisureGuy

9 January 2021 at 4:07 pm

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