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Interesting recipe search engine

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Type in the name (or part of the name) of a recipe and get results from a 2,000,000-recipe database.

You’ll see a long list of hits, which you can then filter by ingredient. The filter, however, does not seem to allow for excluding an ingredient — for example, you cannot get a set of cornbread recipes that do not contain flour, though you can get a set of cornbread recipes that (for example) do contain bacon. The filter seems to work with OR as the connector, not AND — for example, if you search “cornbread” and filter for  both bacon and buttermilk, you get a list of recipes that contain either or both of those, not a list of only recipes that contain both. I would say the filter function requires more work.

Another limitation (naturally enough) is that the list of filter items is limited. There’s a “show more” option, but even that list is limited. If you want a cornbread recipe that contains chorizo, for example, you will not see “chorizo” listed among the filter choices. However, an easy workaround is to include the desired ingredient in the recipe search term. For example, entering “cornbread chorizo” as the search term will list cornbread recipes that include chorizo.

Similarly, if you want a soup that contains kale, don’t look to the filter (“kale” is not listed, even with “show more”). Instead, just enter “kale soup” as the search term. You can extend this: enter “soup kale chorizo” and get a list of recipes that contain both kale and chorizo.

It’s a quick way to sift through 2,000,000 recipes. Here it is.

Written by Leisureguy

10 January 2021 at 5:58 am

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