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Simpson Emperor 3 Super (pre-Vulfix) and the Charcoal clone of the EJ razor, with Chiseled Face Sherlock

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My Emperor dates from before Vulfix acquired Simpson. It’s a brush with a good-sized knot. The current Emperor 3 has a 20mm knot, but I thought mine was bigger — I would have guessed 24mm — but perhaps I was misled because it has a good amount of loft. When filled with lather, it is formidable, and I greatly enjoyed lathering my face (already prepped with Grooming Dept pre-shave).

The razor is Charcoal’s Edwin Jagger clone head (which I think they no longer offer) on a Wolfman handle, and it did a superb job. Of course, a great shave is the result of a good team (soft water, good pre-shave, fine soap, excellent lather, well-designed razor head, a brand of blade that’s good for you in that razor, and a modicum of skill acquired through practice). When all those are i place, the shave is a pleasure, and the fragrance of the lather is the frosting on the cake (or the cherry on the sundae if your taste runs to dairy).

Today I had another super-smooth result, and I think these are more frequent now that I’m using Grooming Dept pre-shave. Previously, the frequency was — this is a guess, based on rough recollection — I got a super-smooth result 50-60% of the time. Now I would say I’m getting such a result 70-80% of the time. The non-super-smooth shaves are perfectly good, but lack the mystery of baby-smooth skin on an aged face. If you’ve started using this pre-shave, I’d be interested in hearing your own observations of the changes in the shave result.

Another sunny day, and today I get a shipment of a couple of millets (kodo and finger). I’m eager to try them.

Written by Leisureguy

19 March 2021 at 10:23 am

Posted in Shaving

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